Where Creative Minds Meet

La Crème Creative Inc. is a place where good things happen. Situated on the Northern Beaches, this Not-For-Profit creative space and initiative aims at nurturing innovation, collaboration and productivity in a central shared working environment.

La Crème’s philosophy is simple: Love your work.

Our mission is to connect artists, entrepreneurs, makers, small businesses and freelancers in a creative, casual and fun environment that nurtures synergy and collaboration.

'The Amigos' Program

We want to help anyone working from a home office/ studio who might be feeling isolated and uninspired by inviting them to be part of an adjunct community of co-workers. ‘The Amigos’ program will give participants an opportunity to connect, collaborate and throw lots of high fives with a broader community without having to move your main work space. So, we have come up with a new membership option. For a $50 annual membership, you will get the following awesomeness:

  • Invites to monthly Friday night drinks and all La Crème events

  • Instagram support to promote your own events / business

  • A listing on our website

  • The opportunity to collaborate with other La Crème residents

  • Discounts on the La Crème meeting room hire

On top of this you will be able to access our permanent casual discounted rates for desk hire.

  • Come any day in a month $27 (10% discount)

  • Come any 2 days in a month $50 ($25/day - 17% discount)

  • Come any 3 days in a month $66 ($22/day - 27% discount)

Get in touch with us by sending a message through link bellow.