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Maria del Carmen

May - August 2022

_MC_R.Program_by Kayapa_

'Healing Nature'


Healing nature is a series of paintings in which I work with the raw expression of my feelings on the canvas, thinking about the wounded areas of my psyche and liberating them through colour. The force of my creative process transforms negativity into resilient energy. Through making the artwork, I am confronting my innermost fears and transforming them into something I consider beautiful: a pure form of expression.


My figurative works represent women in nature and demonstrate the power of our natural surroundings to spark the process of healing us, as human beings. It is in my connection with the ocean, the land and the universe that I find the most profound source of healing. I see women as powerful beings, capable of healing themselves and future generations by breaking the cycle of sick attachments and patterns by fostering meaningful connections with the feminine force. I want my paintings to show that.


Throughout my residency at La Crème, I have reflected on the value of a variety of artistic expressions that unite as a body of work through a common theme. Discovering that each work is deeply connected to the next has helped me to internalize the engine of my work and motivated me to keep working through it.

Maria del Carmen

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