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India O'Hara Andreoli

9th September 2019 - 6th December 2019

India O’Hara was born in Curitiba, south of Brazil. After completing her schooling at “Faculdade de Artes do Paraná”, India decided to leave Brazil in order to look for new influences and styles. Her first stop was in England. Then, due to her free and adventurous spirit, India undertook a new challenge; she went to Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. She went on interior journeys searching for the deepest meanings of life, death, love and hatred through the four elements; water, fire, air and soil. The earth became literally an integrated part of her paintings, giving pigmentation and texture in a new technique developed by the artist. Art has always been her gift.

"It's been 8 months since I arrived in Australia and I've been apart from art. It was getting me crazy not creating, so I started looking for galleries, studios, and groups of artists. Whatever that put me in contact with my gang. At that time, I came into Manly Art Gallery and I told them about that. They gave me a business card of Rachel Carrol and I sent her an email asking for help. One of the places she recommended me was La Crème Creative. I am eternally grateful with Rachel for that. Finally, I have found not just a gang of wonderful creative minds, I really found a family.


I started my Residency Program at La Crème the 1st of October 2019, and I worked for three wonderful months over there, till the opening night on December the 6th. 


Each and everyone over there helped me in many ways. 

Renate in her professional way to do everything right and carefully, guided me close in each detail, to be perfect at the end. Miguel taught me through his enthusiasm and knowledge. Jaimee through her perfection, happiness and professionalism. Tom, with his numbers and accounting. Gabby, ahhh Gabby. She is the most kind and lovely person I have ever met in my life. She is a genius on her click, videos and editing. 

Of course I can forget Mai, Eve, Pat and Sarah. They made my days shiniest just because of their presence. 

Thank you all fellas, love you till the moon!


At the end of those 3 months, we had the most exciting and beautiful night of all. It was a dream coming through: my first exhibition in Australia full of wonderful people. It was also a great pleasure to have met Tim that night, who came to make an Aboriginal Welcome to Country Ceremony. Thank you so much, Tim.


All this program has been founded by the Northern Beaches Council, to whom I thank forever and especially to Michael Regan who was there at the opening night with us.


This process gave me life again. It has opened new doors for me to continue doing my art and pushing me forward to living my life doing what I was meant to do here in this world, the thing I love the most, TO CREATE BEAUTY.


Thank you La Crème, thank you Northern Beaches Council and thank you Universe!"


India O'Hara

'The Links Between Us' 

Her show rises from a deep involvement, research and living experiences of India and her passion: the rescue of ancestral knowledgements. Her first studies was about Celta Culture, following by journeys up to Los Andes visiting ancestral places and cultures like Incas, Maias, Astecs and than going deep inside Amazon Forest, living in Brasilian tribes and learning the magic of their Xamans (Pajes). When she arrived in Australia, she felt something inside pushing her to learn about its primary culture. The Aboriginals, and when she starts her researches, immediately she felt in love with them and the magic starts. All things became happened so fast. Artist community approached. Residency was offered. The studio was perfect and the exhibition was appointed for her to tell us the similarities about all of us. As she says: We are all connected, we are all one, we are together on this planetary journey to learn and grow. Life can be magic and wonderfull, if you learn the magic of being one with the Universe.

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