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Eve Bracewell

October - December 2021

'Inside Out'


Eve Bracewell’s solo exhibition ‘Inside Out’ explores the relationship between our internal and external landscapes, reflecting on how they interact and shape one another. In this time, when digital perfection distorts reality, we are disconnecting from our natural surroundings and human instincts. This exhibition is a response to the contrasts and tensions between our virtual and natural worlds.

The residency at La Crème Creative Inc. was an opportunity for Eve to step away from the digital space toward a more tactile way of creating, combining screen printing, painting and collage. Eve’s final pieces are an exploration of form and materiality, embracing layers, expressive mark making and texture. The process of construction and deconstruction, primarily through collage making, served as the ideal technique to represent ideas. In her words, “creating depth through layers, is a balance between the covering up and exposure of elements. I relate it to emotional complexity, with this idea that we conceal and alternately reveal what’s underneath.”


Amid contemporary uncertainties, we can find solace in the natural world. Refocusing on the simple things can reconnect us to our natural humanity. For Eve, her creative process is a “beautiful mix of cutting and tearing apart whilst rebuilding through finding connections and uniting fragments. It is destructive but ultimately hopeful.”

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