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La Crème Residency Program

The La Crème Residency Program will offer a studio residency to disadvantaged artists from the local community needing assistance, support and the opportunity to build their artistic career. The program will run for 3 months, offering the opportunity to 4 artists per year.

The selected artist will be given a studio for the duration and the opportunity to have a solo exhibition in our exhibition space at La Crème in Brookvale. As part of this Residency Program, each resident will be assigned a mentor who is their point of call and direct support throughout their time at La Crème. There will be a specific amount of time spent with their mentor each week, who will be there to offer feedback on their work and to ensure they are staying on track.

Each resident will also be given the opportunity to present the work they make (during the 3 month residency) to the public, exposing their work to the greater community and opening up possibilities they might not otherwise have had access to. 


We are looking particularly for those creative souls who are starting out, or perhaps those who have had a long break and returning to their creative careers. We are looking for school leavers, TAFE/University students or graduates, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, refugees or anyone who believes they have a passion for art and want to give it a red hot go. 

There are no prerequisites to applying for this program, however, we do expect to see that you are serious about turning your artist practice into a career and we would like to see some of your current or past work.


If you are an established artist or have had a lot of experience in exhibiting your work, you will not be eligible to apply for this Residency Program. 

However, the only acception to this is if you have had a lot of experience in another country but have not exhibited in Australia, then you are eligible to apply for La Crème Residency Program.

The residency schedules for 2019/2020 are as follows:


1-  9th September 2019 - 6th December 2019 - First Artist in Residence: India O'Hara Andreoli

2-  9th December 2019 - 6th March 2020 - Artist: Oliver Scherer

3-  9th March 2020 - 5th June 2020 - AVAILABLE

4-  8th June - 4th September 2020 - AVAILABLE

5-  7th September - 4th December 2020 - AVAILABLE

Apply now or contact us if you have any questions.