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La Crème Residency Program

The La Crème Residency Program will offer a studio residency to artists needing assistance, support and the opportunity to build their artistic career. The program will run for 3 months, offering the opportunity to 4 artists per year.

Artist will be given a studio and the opportunity to have a solo exhibition in Brookvale, showing their work to the greater community and opening up possibilities they might not otherwise have had access to. The artist will also have advice during their time of residence as well as support in the creation of content to promote their exhibition.


We are looking particularly for those creative souls who are starting out, or perhaps those who have had a long break and returning to their creative careers. We are looking for school leavers, TAFE/University students or graduates, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, refugees or anyone who believes they have a passion for art and want to give it a red hot go. 


If you are an established artist or have had previous experience in exhibiting your work, you are also eligible to apply for this Residency Program. 


International artists who want to work and show in Australia, are welcome to apply. For more information, please get in touch.


There are no prerequisites to applying for this program, however, we do expect to see that you are serious about turning your artist practice into a career and we would like to see some of your current or past work.

Applications for 2023 are closed. We will keep you updated through our social channels.

“It was truly incredible to see the development and progress of India’s work over the three months of her being in the space.  She was there day and night, working 3 jobs and managing to get into the studio every moment she could, because this was she said it “happy place”.  This type of response is what makes it all worth it and this is what La Crème has always been about. 


To be able to give artists (who might not usually have the opportunity to work in a supportive creative community) the chance to work for 3 months purely to create a body of work is extremely rewarding. For some of these artists, it is their first exhibition and they get the opportunity to work with professional artists who are mentoring them along the way and giving them invaluable knowledge and skills to develop not only a body of work for a solo show but their professional practice as artists into the future.


This Artist Residency Program at La Crème Creative Inc. was made possible by the funding given by the Northern Beaches Council Cultural Development grant Scheme and has gained funding for 2 years, giving this incredible opportunity to 8 artists for the duration. We are grateful for the support of the Northern Beaches Council to partially fund this incredible project, and encourage others to apply to receive grants that support similar projects and really work towards building community as well as support those specific community members who may be disadvantaged or who might not usually be able to receive such an opportunity.”


Renate Rienmueller. Co-founder

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