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Katika Schultz

29th June - 25th September 2020

Katika Schultz is a 33 year old, born & bred Sydney creative. Growing up on the northern beaches surrounded by nature, Katika’s parents, both artists of different medium and style, were supportive and encouraging to her natural talent. Art was embedded into daily life and her passion for it grew and continues to.

After school, a Diploma of Fine Arts was achieved at Brookvale TAFE. Then an advanced Diploma of Fine Arts in Melbourne at Swinburne University. Now, currently in her last year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at National Art School, Katika will take a 1-2 year break before starting her Masters degree.  

As a multidisciplinary artist, Katika pushes colour and tone through considered layering. 

Fascinated by psychology, Katika’s art making requires an intimate understanding of her subject matter. Through these explorations, a rich essence of humanity and spirit is portrayed to the world.

Katika’s passion for the local artistic community has evolved to help other emerging artists through her Artist run gallery in Narrabeen called Yaw waY which she started in January 2019. With careful curation Katika unlocks arts ability to bring people together & engage in contemporary discussions and projects. 

Her passion for humankind can be seen in her figurative and portraiture works, she hopes to create interrelation, joy and encouragement from her art.



“For a long time I have been fascinated by human nature, psychology and our internal worlds. This series in portraiture was the perfect opportunity for me to explore such ideas. I delve into a state of observation with each of my subjects. Somewhere between my attention to form and the story I gather, a space of compassion and connection opens up. Within this safe space, my sitters reveal their inner world to me which in turn, informs the way I paint them. 


In the process of making these portraits and getting to know my subjects, I have unexpectedly learnt so much about myself. I further recognise the strong feelings I have about making our existence enjoyable, sustainable and interconnected.


Connection and community is something I cherish and am extremely passionate about, these works (although they are each unique individual portraits) when viewed together, share a common thread. Each person is navigating through life in the best way they can, no matter their external or internal differences. 


To observe the face, through line and colour is exciting. I find my subject’s uniqueness in their facial structure, working with bright colours and expressive lines, inspired by the art movement Fauvism. I paint what I see and feel - an internal light from within the sitter.


These works are a celebration of humanity, diversity, connection and inclusion. During such a strange time in history, to witness another, acknowledge and celebrate them feels really important to me right now. This series ended up giving me the opportunity to discover and develop my techniques and motivations as an artist, improve my skills as a communicator and push me out of my comfort zone. 


This residency has been incredible, I leave in full flight on course with momentum.

Thank you La Crème Creative Inc. and the community on the Northern Beaches for this shared experience.” 

Katika Schultz

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