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Remi Siciliano

January - April 2021

'Permeating Ecology'

Permeating Ecology presents a photographic body of work which visualises and transforms the local ecosystem of Brookvale and surrounds. Playful and experimental analogue image-making facilitates collaborative encounters with other organisms, landscapes and the materials of photography.

The work has evolved into an open-ended collaboration with a local ecology that plays an active role in the creation of images.


Fungus, my speculative and enduring collaborator, has encountered many of these images. Throughout the duration of my residency we have slowly co-created within the material of 35mm film. Sprawling networks of the fungus augment and transform the images of local landscapes within the rolls of film.


Throughout the residency I have reflected on the value within multispecies collaboration and considering my local community to encompass the natural ecosystem that surrounds me. I’m interested in exploring what happens when I intentionally relinquish technical control within my practice and invite other organisms and landscape processes to create and interact with photos away from my influence. I become just one of the many organisms and forces at play in the process of cultivating images.


Remi Siciliano

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