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La Crème, beyond being a creative and coworking space, is a community.
Meet the residents of the space and those who accompany us in this collaborative adventure on the Northern Beaches. We have top quality ingredients in da house!

Current Residents


When he is not painting, he’s probably thinking what to paint. Architect, muralist and illustrator. His figurative style is complimented by plenty of colour and geometry which immediately catches your attention, however, there is always a powerful message and hidden codes that draw viewers in further to really think about what it is they are looking at. He's a dreamer, a dad, a video gamer, a movie and comics fan and always curious about technology and bikes. Miguel is the President of La Crème's Committee.

(Photo by Gabby Villalba)


Gabby was born in the “Pearl of the Caribbean” (Margarita Island, Venezuela). She loves documenting processes through photography and video, specially if they are related to art. She is also passionate about portraits and street photography.
She graduated as a Publicist in Caracas Venezuela and worked for more than 15 years in advertising agencies there, as Art Director. She is energetic, organised, Miguel’s partner and mum of Camila. Gabby is the Vice-President of La Crème's Committee.


Tom retired from a successful Accounting career at KPMG at the ripe age of 28 to chase winters in the Canadian Rockies and Waves in El Salvador.  Having mastered (not really mastered) Spanish working in Barcelona it was time head back home and come out of retirement, mostly because he was broke. Landing a plum job at a Brewery with a hefty beer allowance and in office bar kept Tom out of trouble for a few years. It was then that Beaches Accounting was born to facilitate surf meetings with clients and generally live the dream. Tom is the Treasurer of La Crème's Committee.

(Photo by Gabby Villalba)


Renate finished her 4 years of study in 2015 in photography and realised very quickly that although the direction of photography was moving towards digital, those first classes in the darkroom was where she felt at home. Working now as a fine art photographer, her interest lies in experimenting with alternative processes challenging what a photograph is and what it can be. Renate is continuously inspired to share the wonders of darkroom photography with others, especially to a younger generation who are growing up taking photographs on their latest smartphones. Ren is the Secretary of La Crème's Committee. 


From the southern depths of New Zealand this farm girl has never let the country leave her. It’s quite obvious when you see her work… animals… animals… animals. You’d think she was obsessed or something. Painting in watercolour, her portraits of feathery or furring beings they say, capture the soul of the animal. #ArtForPurpose is her tagline and the stories behind her art aim to uplift you and ignite passion for nature and the environment. She is founder of NinetyFive Percent; art for Oceans Bi-annual exhibition, apart of artist run Sydney Road Gallery and teaches school students how to fine tune their talents right here in house. Jaimee is a Committee Member of La Crème's Committee.

(Photo by Gabby Villalba)


Ms Dureau is a passionate painter and nature lover. Her work is landscape based although it invites non-literal interpretations about atmosphere, light and the resilience of the human spirit. When she is not wearing her beret, Susie alternates her other hats including graphic and textile design, teaching visual art, talking about it, writing about it and at the end of the day going home to her beloved husband Tim and her two babies, Naomi and Marlow.  Susie is an active Committee Member of La Crème's Committee.

(Photo by Elin Brandman)


With a background in textiles and print, Eve began her illustration career in the UK, where she was the regular contributing illustrator to Cooler Magazine. With a move to Australia in search of waves and wonder, her creative abilities flourished whilst working at design agency, The National Grid. 

Eve now combines her creative thinking and finely tuned design skills as a freelancer to focus on creating contemporary design, brand identities, and unique illustrations for businesses and projects of all sizes.

Eve Bracewell is represented in Australia by The Drawing Arm.


Mai is a Japanese glass artist and is the creator of maimai glass, designing and making glass jewellery and sculpture. She loves the natural environment especially from the ocean around Northern Beaches which influences much of her work. 

Mai completed her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Kurashiki University of Science and the Art has helped her develop a firm foundation in the arts and making object in glass. She gained range of practical skills in the area of flame working, cold working, glass blowing, kiln working and stained glass. Mai also acquired a qualification and certificate in Arts and learned to be a curator at the university. 


Ben is a Sydney-based stills photographer who's made a name for himself shooting episodics on Australia's most popular TV shows such as The Bachelor, Australia's Next Top Model, Married at First Sight, Play School, Home and Away, Love Island and the list goes on. Away from the silver screen, Ben takes portraits, corporate headshots and covers red-carpet and A-list events and then there's the occasional wedding, family portrait session or completely random commission thrown in for good measure! 

When he's not behind the lens, Ben enjoys hanging out with his "girl gang" of three daughters and his (amazingly patient!) wife on Sydney's Northern Beaches.


Currently studying Interior design at Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, Grace's passion focuses on harnessing light, shadow, form and materiality to evoke mood and inform space.

Founder of MOKHINISO Design Studio, Grace plans to take this brand into the realm of high-end Lighting, Furniture, Artwork and Object Design with a focus on hand-made elements integrated with beautiful engineering. Grace has a background in Street Art and Photography, and is currently experimenting with Ceramics in her spare time.


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