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There is an adage in the creative world that goes something like this… “What keeps me alive - keeps me alone”. I get this. I know how important it is to be able to focus inwardly and intensely in order to make art or be creative in whatever industry is yours. This focus is increasingly more challenging to achieve as the contemporary digital world pings its way further and further into our personal space.

When I first moved from my home studio into a shared creative space, losing my ‘alone’ focus was a fear of mine. I need not have worried because I found my people (who now form La Crème Creative Inc.) and realised that we all need the same thing. In fact, there is such a deep respect for the creative process that we often look around the space to find we are all present - ‘alone’ together.

Do you know that feeling when you are deeply engaged in a task - within a group - like gathering wood for a campfire or preparing a meal or even in a busy office surrounded by colleagues? It's a comforting awareness that you are in easy company but you still manage to shift into a focused zone. That's what it's like in the better shared creative spaces - perhaps this is not news to you but it's been a discovery for me.

La Creme Creative Inc. has formed over the period of a couple of years where we (painters, muralists, filmmakers, accountants, photographers, architects and writers) banded together to share a studio workspace. We have moved twice but have finally found our forever home in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney… if you are reading this blog on our website - you probably already know that.

We have been able to expand our space to accomodate a traditional darkroom and new residents who are working on exciting projects as diverse as glass making, commercial interior design, wealth management and many, many other ideas impossible to sum up in this short blog entry… I do look forward to featuring some of our residents and their projects on this blog in the months to come.

In the meantime - enjoy a few pics of our moving day and keep in touch! We are always looking for ways to connect with other professionals and with the community (all around the world).

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