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Hey Folks! It’s been a while since our last blog post but there’s been a lot going on down here at La Crème Creative Inc. Headquarters - so let me fill you in on just a few things.

September saw three of our residents giving a talk down at Manly Art Gallery for a ‘Creatives Connect’ evening. Miguel, Renate and Susie spoke about the joys of collaboration and the benefits of being part of a supportive local creative network. We also took the opportunity to launch a special initiative that we have been working on for a while - so in case you missed it let me introduce you to - THE AMIGOS PROGRAM!

The ‘Amigos’ Program has come about because we realise that our community is larger than those who can fit under our roof at any one time… and so we bring our friendship and co-working vibes to you wherever you are. See here for more info just scroll down a bit to see all the goodies in the Amigos package.

In da house there has been much in the way of personal and collaborative achievements with a book launch, several solo exhibitions, a few collaborative shows, many beautiful glass, ceramic, printed, painted, photographed and filmed goodies underway.

Miguel has been working on a mural in our stairwell this week so we look forward to the unveiling of our new ‘CONNECT’ artwork at our Friday night drinks - the first Friday of each month.

Caio for now - see you this Friday!

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